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Sponsorship is a regular donation to a child of the House of the orphan.your sponsorship allows you to cover the daily needs of these children: food, clothing, medical care, schooling... It allows also to finance the construction of schools, canteens, clinics free and open to the families of the area.You will receive news from the life of unaccompanied children, of their evolution.Your commitment, you contribute to ensure the financial security necessary for development in the long term.-

  • Act in a spirit of solidarity-

  • Help one or several children to grow-

  • Provide financial support to their well-being-

  • But above all and always: give them a future-





Some children did not have an entourage that enable them to open beyond their immediate environment, either because they are isolated, or because their family lives of difficult situations or through moments of fragility.With a godfather or a godmother to their sides, these children can enrich their history, learn, discover new horizons, open up to others, flourish... in a word: grow up!Between godparents and godchildren, there is a relationship of trust and a bond of affection. The child feels recognized and supported. In these ties that are forged, everyone learns, each grows, each grows.-



Sponsorship is a meeting.A Godson and his godfather or godmother get acquainted through the association.Then, at their own pace and following a planning administration, they gather to share moments together: moments simple of the daily, sports activities, outputs cultural,of walks, passions, games etc.Sometimes it's for an afternoon or a day, sometimes it is during the holidays or weekends depending on availability and the projects of each. They share simple and both privileged moments. With their sponsor, they find the resources and support needed to plot their path is like this is created between them a bond of affection and confidence. That is why each sponsorship is unique!The association prepares meetings between godparents and godchildren and their families.Then, she accompanies each in its sponsorship project, over the months, over the years.To do this, there are moments collectives (discussion group, evenings to theme...) toExchange, share experiences, find a listen.Individual appointments, to the association, or by phone are also available.The association regularly organises outings, festivals, cultural and sports activities, picnics, which bring together adults and children. These are nice moments which strengthen relationships between parents, godparents and godchildren.-



Sponsorship is also a project of solidarity for children and their families at home.There are many ways to contribute and everyone can bring their ideas and talents!For example to organize collective activities with children or staff, help the association to be better known, search for financial partners, help the functioning of the association...Your ideas are welcome to grow sponsorship: contact us!-



Any responsible adult who shares the values of the orphan House can become a godfather or godmother, whatever its age, be it in couple or single, there or not children.Each project sponsorship is unique: you can help a child grow according to your availability, your situation and your projects.Let's talk together! Contact us-



You find that the sponsorship is an action that has meaning but you are not quite available to dedicate time?Support this cause by helping us fund it: become a sponsor of support!To find sponsors, to track children, and especially to accompany each sponsorship, year after year, we need resources.With your donation, you let that "The House of the orphan" continues to develop projects for children in need.To adjust your sponsorship, you have the possibility of opting for direct debit.Please contact us or complete the attached form: form PAThank you for your support.

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